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Washington Real Estate Fundamentals 
Washington Real Estate Fundamentals course:
Interested in Getting a Real Estate License?

We offer the best courses in the State...
Why because of our pass rate!

Our courses are very comprehensive, you learn more. 
You will have the knowledge you need to pass the State exam the FIRST time!

Requirements are:
    Washington Real Estate Fundamentals
    60 Clock Hours $280.00

    Washington Real Estate Practices
    30 Clock Hours $190.00

To get started double click on the link below:

Already Licensed?
Interested in an Online Continuing Education Course?

We always recommend workbook courses unless you are under a time crunch.
Because the are easier and take less time to get through.
Also when you are done you get to keep the information!

We currently are only offering the 
WA Fundamentals for online courses.