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 Real Estate Office Policy & Procedures Manual
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Disclaimer for the Policies and Procedures Manual
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Assertion Statement of Proprietary Interest,
Disclaimer and Release of Liability

All real estate offices have different operational procedures. There is no standard copy that works to satisfy every company's goals and objectives. This manual has been designed to be a comprehensive guideline for the preparation of your office Policies and Procedures Manual adaptable to suit your company's individual needs.

This manual is designed for modifications. Additions, deletions and amendments can be done easily on your computer with the MS Word electronic copy provided. 

This manual has been copyrighted, and may not be reproduced except as stated below without the possibility of incurring civil and or criminal prosecution. 
The PUBLISHER, REAL ESTATE AWARENESS SEMINARS-Kathy Power, a Washington State licensed real estate school, specifically agrees that:

The purchaser may use any part of or all of this manual as an office Policy and Procedures Manual. It may be modified as necessary to meet the needs of your particular company. The original body of the work remains the property of 
REAL ESTATE AWARENESS SEMINARS and may not be copied. Purchaser may not resell or give this document to any other party or affiliation without the express written permission from the publisher. 

The PURCHASER: ______________________________of ___________________________________ on ______________________2017 hereby expressly releases REAL ESTATE AWARENESS SEMINARS and KATHY POWER from any responsibility or liability for any damages whatsoever arising from the use and /or implementation of this manual; Including, without limitation, damages or any loss, known or unknown or cost of or attorneys fees incurred in any litigation arising from any errors or omissions resulting from the use and or implementation of this manual. 

Laws will vary from state to state and federal and state and local laws are constantly 
changing. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to adapt and amend or bring current any portion(s) of this manual to any federal, state and local laws. It is strongly recommended that each office have their attorney review this document prior to implementation.

Purchaser understands and accepts full responsibility for the use and implementation of this manual.

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